Michelle Obama once said: you need to define yourself, or others will define you, and they will get it wrong.

My name is Artur; I’m your local refrigeration technician. I will define Milton Keynes Refrigeration for your and my own better understanding of the services I provide.

Milton Keynes Refrigeration

MKR is independent refrigeration and air conditioning contractor in the Milton Keynes area. I will travel for up to 20 miles without changing my pricing. I mainly provide the following refrigeration and air conditioning equipment related services for my customers:

  • breakdown service, fault finding of both commercial and domestic refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • planned preventative maintenance service for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • spare part sourcing and fitting for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment supply
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment installation
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment commissioning
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment decommissioning
  • refrigeration and air conditioning equipment dismantling, removal, disposal and recycling services

All types, makes, models of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Mostly I’m fixing display fridges for coffee shops, sandwich shops, multideck fridges for the retail sector. I repair bottle coolers, wine coolers, ice cream freezers, walk-in coldrooms, drive-in coldrooms, counter fridges and freezers, refrigerated prep stations, upright fridges, air conditioners, refrigerated vans, ice cream vans, countertop fridges, under counter fridges, blast chillers, custom-built coldrooms, modular coldrooms, cellar coolers, ice makers, slush machines and other similar equipment. In the past, I used to fix fridges in the morgue’s, prisons and military bases.

It does not matter for me if it is a fridge, freezer, or ice maker, the brand, model, or type of equipment. For me, a fridge is a fridge, and that’s what I do. I also repair other light commercial equipment for the food serving industry like dough mixers, hot plates, Bain Maries, chafing dishes, soup kettles, electric ovens; however, my focus remains on refrigeration equipment.

MK Refrigeration vs Appliance Repair Company

Do we understand the difference between Milton Keynes Refrigeration services and home appliance repair services? The difference is that when a home appliance company faults your fridge, I overturn their diagnostics in most cases. The home appliance company cannot fix your fridge because they don’t have the knowledge, tools, licencing, or suppliers and materials required for the job. Home appliance companies will tell you fairytales about how your fridge is broken. I guarantee you this. I see this over and over again. Home appliance companies say they repair fridges, freezers, and wine coolers because otherwise, they would be called washing machine repair companies. This is not very prestigious, and you can not take your business far with this. I’ll battle any home appliance company in the refrigeration trade any day of the year, even if I have a killer hangover. Unless, of course, it’s not a brand company like Whirlpool, Samsung or similar.

I’m f-gas qualified, and I carry tools, gas and common spare parts for commercial refrigerators and freezers. I also carry some bits and bobs for domestic fridges. But nobody carries a full, comprehensive range of spares for domestic fridges because you never know when, if at all, you will need these parts. I don’t think even branded companies carry many parts.

In the same way, nobody carries air conditioning parts. Air conditioning equipment spares will be sourced from the supplier only if required.

In 20 mile radius, I have three independent suppliers of commercial refrigeration equipment spares, gas and materials.

I have two suppliers of commercial refrigerators and freezers.

I have one supplier of spare parts for small domestic and commercial appliances. Besides that, I can source spares from Nisbets, Pentland, Cater-Kwick.

Needless to say, if any commercial refrigeration equipment service companies in the area will quote you for refrigeration services, then I will be happy to battle for this price quote. Give me a shout whenever you need, even if it’s a Friday night or Sunday morning. I’ll do this because I’m your local engineer; I’m most flexible, less overhead, less hassle, less markup, less corporate bullshit: more value, more flexibility, more transparency.

This is it, Milton Keynes Refrigeration is now defined.

Your local refrigeration technician




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