I was minding my business when my phone rang. A female voice said she has a problem with her freezer room and asked me if I can go on her site to have a look at what’s going on with the freezer. I asked her the site postcode and she said it’s MK… . I said ok, I can be there in two hours. I finished whatever it was I was doing and drove down to this business.

The site was on the outskirts of Milton Keynes. When I arrived on-site, I found a room-in-room type freezer that was iced up. I had to get the freezer going, therefore I started manually defrosting the freezer. It took me few hours to remove all ice covering this evaporator. I then tested defrost heaters, they all had the same resistance, indicating they were all fine. I also tested the defrost and they all heat up. After I defrosted this freezer I ran the system and it worked OK, it reached the set temperature of -20C in about one hour.

Evaporator is iced up
The evaporator is iced up. This will reduce the airflow and heat transfer capabilities of the system.

On further inspection of the condensing unit, I found the sight glass was indicating moisture in the system. Of course, nine times out of 10 there is something to nag about over the installation. This time it was no different, this system had multiple issues that needed mending.

freezer sight glass
The indicator of this sight glass is yellow. Yellow means wet. The presence of moisture in the refrigeration loop is not permitted.

I priced the customer to repair this freezer to a good standard. My pricing was accepted and paid in full. I then planned the job, ordered the parts and materials, and executed the service. Job done.


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