A customer of mine phoned me up the other day asking if I can fix a vaccine chiller. Without giving this any thought I responded yes I can. I can fix any chiller no matter the make and model. So I was commissioned to fix a countertop vaccine chiller in London.

I then headed out to the customer site and found a Nobivac countertop chiller. On the nameplate, it said model VC 200. To my surprise, this chiller was much smaller than I expected. On the inspection of the unit, I couldn’t find any traditional components of the mechanical refrigeration plant. It became clear this chiller is achieving a refrigeration effect using semiconductors. It was the first time for me to bump into something like this. Mostly, as you know I work with traditional high duty refrigeration equipment.

So I had a fair look at this chiller and found it was not maintained to any standard whatsoever. I did maintenance and plugged this chiller into the electrical mains. Very soon the temperature was 16*C and dropping fast. I think I fixed it. As an engineer, I had further breakdowns to attend to and have no time to wait if the chiller will reach the setpoint. I’m very confident it was a fix based on the rate the temperature was dropping and the fact I didn’t receive a recall for this job.

Should I bump into this chiller in the future I now know what should I watch out for in terms of maintenance and what sort of checks to find breakdowns. I will not stock spare parts for this unit but I know where to find spare parts when I need them. Should you need a vaccine chiller repairs give me a call and let’s discuss how can I help you.