A business owner called me yesterday and told me his fridge is tripping the circuit breaker. I explained my callout fee is £60.00 and I can attend this breakdown in half an hour. The business owner agreed.

Half an hour later I parked my van in front of his business and walked into his business. The business owner took me to the stock room saying this two-door Foster fridge is tripping fuses straight away when the power cord is plugged into electrical mains.

I had to bring my stepladder from the van to gain access to the controller and wiring on top of the fridge. I then did some tests and didn’t find anything wrong with the fridge. I fitted a new plug top fuse and plugged the cord in the socket. Naturally, the circuit breaker tripped again. I disconnected the CFM because these often go wrong, fitted a new plug top fuse and plugged the fridge in once more. This time the fridge did not trip the fuse. I waited for two more minutes for the fridge to go into the cooling cycle to be sure the compressor starts, and it did.

For a fix, I fitted a new condenser fan motor and the fridge was back in working order.