I had a job in Yardley Gobion, a little village north of Milton Keynes. The callout was that a multideck fridge is not cooling. I attended the site, did my checks on the equipment and quickly confirmed this fridge lost its gas due to the leak on the evaporator coil.

Two ways forward from there was to repair the existing coil or to order a new one. Needless to say, ordering a new evaporator coil would take weeks to arrive and be 2.5 times more costly than fixing an existing coil. So the decision was made by the store manager to repair this evaporator. After I made a plan of works and sourced all bits required for the job I teamed up with my assistant as fixing the evaporator was a two men job and we returned to the site for a fix.

I and my assistant swiftly removed the evaporator from the cabinet and brazed the cavity up with silver solder. We then fitted everything back as it is supposed to be and we left this cabinet for a 24h pressure test to make sure there were no more leaks anywhere on the system. The reason we do this is it’s the best practice, the 24-hour pressure test. It does take longer and requires a re-attendance to the site but it can save thousands of pounds to the customer. Luckily this site had no further problems. The system is gassed up and the fridge is nice and cold as it should be.


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