Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment service industry operates on the principle of the First fix, Second fix and Third fix when needed. Both contractors and equipment owners prefer the first fix whenever possible because this is the most cost-efficient and quickest solution for all parties. However, if the first fix is not possible following fixes will be delivered:

  • First Fix is used to troubleshoot the equipment and deliver a temporary or a final fix if possible
  • Second Fix is used to deliver spare parts, fit the parts and complete the repair
  • Third Fix may be required if additional problems were identified on the second fix. This may happen if the equipment has multiple faults that cannot be identified without a test run of the equipment
  • Fourth Fix is used if something went wrong during previous attendances

What’s included in the First Fix fee of 75 GBP?

People who call me to enquire about the service often ask me why I charge for “coming on-site and taking a look at their equipment” Sometimes people don’t ask me about the cost of “coming on-site and taking a look at the equipment” and when I remind or mention the cost of “having a look” then I sometimes get accused of thinking only about money. The reason why I mention the cost of service to some customers is that I want my customers to have full transparency in the services I provide, I want us to be on the same page before the service starts to avoid surprises later in the service.

This is the breakdown of systems Milton Keynes Refrigeration has in place to be able to provide refrigeration and air conditioning equipment breakdown services to my customers around Milton Keynes:

  • Having systems in place to be able to take calls and bookings from customer, including company accounts and payroll services
  • Having systems and means in place for planning the attendance, route not having a 9-5 job
  • Travel to the customer site (cost of van, road tax, motor insurance, fuel)
  • Engineers time, expert knowledge and faultfinding on the equipment, certification and future training to keep up with changes taking place in refrigeration and air conditioning industry
  • Hand and specialist tools required for accurate faultfinding
  • Fixing equipment on the spot if possible
  • Carrying a variety of spare parts to be able to fix many faults on the first fix
  • Having suppliers in place for finding spare part(s) for the second fix if needed
  • Pricing the second fix
  • Having systems in place to generate a price quote and invoice for the customer
  • Cost of public liability insurance
  • Re-call is included

What’s not included in the First Fix:

  • Parking fees
  • Spare parts
  • Actual hands-on service
  • False re-call

The second and third fixes are always a priced jobs.


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