The services MK Refrigeration provides are built around quality, not quantity. Quality service cannot be delivered without honest and open conversation. This post will be one of those conversations.

I’m often asked by my prospecting customers about the cost of my services. My answer is that the first fix fee aka fault assessment fee aka callout charge is £75.00. This covers the cost of the vehicle, cost of the motor insurance, cost of fuel, cost of wear and tear of the vehicle as well as my travel time and time, I will spend making an assessment on the equipment condition, for up to one hour.

For the callout fee, I guarantee to my customers the following:

  • A fully equipped engineer, me, on your site, carrying a good variety of refrigeration equipment spare parts, refrigerant and tools
  • I will to a very high degree of accuracy do my checks and faultfinding on the equipment
  • I will provide you with the following information: what part is faulty(if any, sometimes the reason equipment dont work is a user settings misconfiguration), what is the cost of the part, how long will it take to get the part delivered, how much will it cost to fit the part and I will give you a cost of replacement equipment if the job is very expensive.
  • You will get a a detailed service report that any manufacturers, suppliers and insurance providers like Currys PC World should honor. You will also get an invoice for the payment. This part of the job is often done behind the scenes: emailing or calling my suppliers, doing my own research because as refrigeration equipment evolve, I need to keep up with the trends, technology, equipment brands and models. I know some of my customers use equipment made in Italy, some equipment is made in China, some in Turkey, some in the New Zeland, some in America, some in Finland or Netherlands and God knows where else. This often causes me doing hours of reasearc in the evenings or days off for the cost of the callout fee. I like doing my service reports and research on the laptop rather than on the phone, after I attended all the breakdowns for the day. Same applies for the invoicing.
  • There is also a good chance I will fix your equipment on the spot using my van stock.

Going beyond the first fix I charge an hourly rate of £60.00 per hour whilst on-site doing actual work. This is it, an assessment fee and hourly rate, I don’t charge any other fees. However, the total cost of the fridge may also include the cost of spare parts, cost of delivery of the spare parts, cost of parking and cost of small parts and consumables like brazing gas, brazing rod, filter drier and refrigerant. I order spares for the next day delivery whenever possible. Sometimes I need to go get the spare parts from one of my many suppliers. My local suppliers are in Bedford, Luton and Northampton. I also order parts from Maddocks, First Choice, RS components and other various suppliers across the UK.

Whats the total cost of fixing a fridge?

I don’t give the total cost of the service upfront because this would be a total speculation and it could prove to be highly inaccurate. You probably wouldn’t be pleased if the actual cost of service would be three times the cost I initially quoted you. To be able to give an approximate cost of the service I would need to know if the nature of the fault is mechanical, electrical, refrigeration loop, compressor, control circuit, user configuration or a combination of the above. Every job is individually priced based on the answers to the following questions:

  • Do I have the part needed on the van?
  • How long is it going to take for me to find and deliver the needed part if it’s not on the van?
  • What is the cost of the required part?
  • How long does it take to remove the faulty part and fit the spare part?
  • Is the part I need available or obsolete?
  • Do I need to modify equipment to make it work?
  • Do you have a gas leak? Where is the gas leak?
  • Can I repair the leak on the spot or would the leaking part need to be replaced with the new part?
  • What type of refrigerant is in the system and how much refrigerant we need?
  • Do I need to do any prep work prior to getting to actual fault repair?
  • Do I need to use any sundries?
  • What’s the access to the equipment like? Do I need to work off the step ladder? Do I need a cherry picker?
  • Do I need an assitance to move equipment or parts of equipment?

With that in mind, I recommend the end-user to make an assessment on the rationality of the service based on the initial cost of the equipment because I would hate to come to your house to say the cost of the service will exceed the cost of the new fridge. There is no value in this type of service for you nor me because I’m always looking for a fix, that is my duty as your local refrigeration technician.


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