Too often, people call me asking what I charge to repair a fridge. Unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate answer to this question without visiting the site and assessing problems with the equipment first. What I can offer you is a base cost of services. Milton Keynes Refrigeration charges £60.00 per hour. The first hour is charged in full and in 30 minutes increments after that. Faultfinding fee, some of you call this a “call-out fee”, is £80.00 up to 20 miles from Milton Keynes. This includes:

  • site attendance
  • faultfinding up to one hour
  • access to tools, experience and knowledge
  • service report
  • invoice
  • cost of spare parts if needed
  • cost of further service if needed
  • timescale of the repairs if needed
  • cost of new equipment if needed
  • if possible you will get on the spot fix but the spares and labour are charged on top of the faultfing fee

Equipment maintenance is £40.00 per unit. The faultfinding fee to a breakdown beyond 20 miles from Milton Keynes is +30 GBP for every 10 miles.


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