People often call, text, and email me, describing problems they are experiencing with their fridges and freezers, and they ask me:

“Is this something you would do?”

The short and long answers are both “Yes, I repair refrigeration and air conditioning equipment!” But the process does not work the way 99% of people think it does.

This is how it works

To move forward from your phone call or text message, I would need to come to your site and “have a look” at the equipment myself for faultfinding and job planning. The cost of my attendance is £80.00 in Milton Keynes and a 20-mile radius around MK. This fee includes up to 30 minutes of site time.

What does it mean to “have a look”?

For a professional like me to “have a look” means to actually use knowledge, experience and tools to get a high-level accurate answer to the following questions: what is wrong with the equipment, can it be fixed on the spot, does it need parts, how much are the parts, how long will it take to get the parts, how much it will cost to fix it and ultimately is it worth fixing it or its cheaper to get a new fridge. Combined “having a look” is called a faultfinding service.

The cost of faultfinding service depends on the nature of the problem, access to the equipment, the complexity and architecture of the equipment, whether it’s an intermittent or permanent fault, whether it’s a single fault or a combination of multiple defects. Sometimes it takes longer than 30 minutes to find the problems. In this case additional £60.00 is added to the attendance fee. However, I rarely charge additional fees to domestic customers, even if it takes me 60 or 70 minutes of site time.

I call it a fixed price faultfinding service for domestic users. On the one hand, a low, agreed cost of faultfinding service is a cornerstone of accurate financial planning for my customers. On the other hand, this is my contribution to reducing domestic refrigeration equipment waste and, therefore, reducing the demand in the production and transportation of new refrigeration equipment.

Whether to charge additional fees or not, I decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on how expensive the fridge is, how big the house is, and what car the customer drives.

Once I have established the facts of the equipment, there are three ways for me to proceed from there:

Option A

I repair the problem on the spot. The condition for this option is that I need to have the parts and materials required for the job in van stock. I can then give you the price quote for the repair without leaving the site, and if you agree to the cost, I will repair your fridge there and then.

Option B

If I don’t have the part in van stock, but if it’s still early in the day, I have no other jobs planned for the day, and the fix is not too technical, in other words, if it’s a small job, I can go and source the part from the supplier, return to the site on the same day and fix your fridge. Of course, I would discuss the cost of service with my customers before executing the job.

Option C

If the job is very technical, time-consuming, requires very specific or multiple spare parts, accurate planning, time and job management is needed. If this is the case I would leave the site for the time being, do my homework and provide you with a written cost estimate for the service, cost of materials and a timeline for the job. If you wish to go ahead with my cost estimate, you will pay it, and I will then put the parts on order and once the parts arrive, I will re-attend your site and finish the job.

My best regards,

Your local fridgeman

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels


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