A shop owner in Kettering called me and said the freezer in his shop is not working well. He said it only goes down to minus 10 degrees celsius. I prefer to work closer to home or go down to London but I couldn’t resist the job and of course, I attended this callout on the same day. I found a big upright freezer with three glass doors on the shop floor. the temperature was -8 degrees. I check for the usual and instantly found the problem.

The problem was that one of the condenser fan motors was not working. I asked the shop owner if he wants to replace both fan motors in one go and he said no, no need if one is working. I usually agree with this but not this time I didn’t. I said the freezer is three years old, If one of the motors is seized, it is very likely the other one will seize as well in due course and this will cause equipment downtime. The answer was no.

Do you think I was wrong about the second fan motor? I wasn’t. After I replaced the faulty motor and started the freezer the second fan motor seized too. The fan was working when I first got there, but once it stopped and cooled down the shaft didn’t spin freely anymore and the fan wasn’t spinning anymore. I then replaced the second motor and saved the day for the shopkeeper.


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