Every week I get a few enquiries asking if I gas up fridges and how much does it cost. Answering your emails and text messages one at a time takes up a lot of my time. So I decided to answer this question in a short blog post. This will provide some insight into the problem many of you are having.

Question: My fridge needs gassing, is this something you do?

Answer: Yes I do gas fridges. But if your fridge needs gassing then it also needs a comprehensive service because it is intended to be a hermetic system, not using and not losing gas over time. Gassing up leaking fridges without first repairing them is not a solution to the problem.

Question: How often do I need to gas up my fridge?

Answer: Never. If a fridge lost its charge or some of its charge, it has a big problem and it needs service. This service includes leak finding, leak repairing and gassing up the fridge as a minimum. Sometimes it is possible to repair the leak on the spot, other times a new part needs to be ordered and fitted to repair the leak. Leak finding and leak repairing are the most labour intensive and highly technical jobs for the breakdown engineer.

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