Service – reactive service

Maintenance – planned preventative maintenance aka PPM

First Fix – engineers first attendance

Second Fix – engineers second attendance

Third Fix – engineers third attendance

On the spot fix – fix applied during the first visit

Same day fix – fix applied on the same day wheres the engineer left the site to return on the same day.

Stock – stock stored in the warehouse

Van stock – stock kept on the van.

Supplier – spare part, material or tool supply company.

Recall – a situation where the customer calls the engineer back on site after the permanent fix was applied. We offer re-calls to all our customers as standard.

False recall – a situation where an engineer is recalled to the equipment that has no faults. A false recall is chargeable.

True recall – a situation where a permanent fix has gone into fault condition during the warranty period. True re-call is free of charge. Parts and services used to rectify the problem are chargeable.

Service report – a report generated by the engineer to describe the findings, services and materials provided and further recommended action.

Price estimate – a cost estimate describing the cost to mend the equipment and the course of action.

Warranty – warranty on services provided. My warranty is 6 months unless stated otherwise.

Warranty on spare parts – warranty on the control boards, controllers, sensors, furniture, heaters, motors and other similar parts is provided by the supplier of the parts. Duration of the warranty varies if provided at all.