I was called to a Daewoo side by side fridge that every now and then was leaking water on the floor. The site was in MK9. I attended the same day. I found a fairly old side by side Daewoo fridge with a built-in water dispenser and it looked like someone had already tried fixing this fridge in the past. The owner said she got the fridge second hand.

A small puddle near the front left corner of the fridge made me think there is a problem with a water hose. I did my checks to find the source of the water leak but couldn’t find anything at first. Then I noticed this fridge was not plumbed into the water mains at all. this made me to think the problem has nothing to do with water circuit after all and I focused on the freezer compartment of the fridge because it was the closest thing tho the puddle on the floor. On the inspection of the freezer, I found ice on the bottom of the freezer. Yet further inspection revealed dislocated drain tray, causing thawing water to drip outside the tray and accumulate in the bottom of the fridge and forming an ice pad. I belive the dislocated drip tray was caused by a poor service sometime in the past.

Then during later defrost cycles, more ice thawed and water streamed down to the bottom of the freezer but since the bottom of the freezer was full of ice the water started dripping on the floor because the door seal is not watertight and when the water is freezing it is somewhat expanding and deforming the door seal.

As a fix, I adjusted the position of the drip tray and confirmed thawing water was dripping inside the tray and exiting the freezer via the drain opening. As a result, the ice stopped forming in the bottom of the freezer and making puddles on the floor. The customer was happy about such unexpected outcome of the service. I spent two hours on the site because it takes time to investigate problems, disassemble, defrost and reassemble a freezer the owner only paid me a flat rate for a callout. Job done.


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