Air conditioner repair service, ehhh. I’m not going to make this more complicated than it is nor will I simplify the subject. I will spell it out exactly as I think it is. Many of you will value my honesty but some will think I don’t have a clue and will take their business elsewhere. I will give you the bad news first and the good news later in the post. At the bottom of the page, I will put my phone number and some photos of the air conditioner work I’ve done.

I know I should not work on the air conditioner without a fan guard fitted but here I go, testing the inverter board. Volume down before watching this video. Best result when watching full screen.

Is it complicated to fault find on air conditioner?

It can be a real nightmare but usually, it’s not. Let’s face the facts, an air conditioner is a fairly complicated piece of equipment with electronics, power circuits, control algorithms and settings, refrigerant circuit, it has two or more main components, it takes specialist tooling and background knowledge to successfully troubleshoot air conditioning faults. On top of the above, there are many air conditioner brands: ElectriQ, Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Carrier, LG, Toshiba, Airdale and many more. They all are a little different, each one of them has its own component architecture and fault codes. There are 2 pipe systems as well as 8 pipe systems, multi-splits and VRF systems.

When it comes to the actual air conditioner breakdown service, often the attending engineer needs to consult with manufacturers technical support to pinpoint the fault of the equipment and make a correct repair plan. That’s why air conditioner installer companies install only those air conditioner brands that offer a good level of technical support and spare parts in case the thing goes wrong, and many will go wrong. Due to the high probability of the engineer needing to talk to the help desk, it is best to arrange the first fix of the air conditioner system for business hours, because the helpdesk usually works from 9-17. Air conditioner maintenance can be done any day and time.

Air conditioner repair service good news

In the past, when I was working full time as a remote refrigeration and air conditioning engineer for one of the national service providers, I fixed loads of air conditioners, spent hours talking to the helpdesk, ordered loads of spare parts, I did maintenance to hundreds of air conditioner units. Because of this experience I have gained a good skillset and sourced tools for air conditioner fault diagnostics and repair work. The good news is that my suppliers of refrigeration equipment spare parts and materials, also supply air conditioner spare parts as well as full air conditioner systems.

What is an air conditioner maintenance service

Air conditioner in its operation makes use of airflow through its cooling/heating element which may be called an evaporator or condenser or indoor/outdoor heat exchanger. The air that goes through this device carries dust. Lots of air means lots of dust over time. This is why air conditioner manufacturers have fitted air filters on indoor units and sometimes on outdoor units as well. These filters capture dust to protect and prevent heat exchanger coils from getting contaminated with dust. Filters prevent dust from settling and solidifying in between the heat exchanger fins. Solid dust, in turn, will reduce the capacity of the air conditioning system and make it more complicated to restore the good working order of the air conditioner compared to cleaning filters.

In time these filters get clogged with dust particles. Air conditioner maintenance is a procedure of cleaning these filters, condensers and units in general. During the job, the maintenance engineer is making observations on the condition of the unit and makes notes if any follow-up services are required for the optimal performance of the system and to prevent unexpected downtime of the system.

air conditioner fascia
Two air conditioner fascias before and after the maintenance. To be fair not every site has the option to wash the fascia because it takes longer and a big sink to do it. Normally the fascia is only wiped clean of dust. And of course, if you put this clean fascia back on the air conditioner you can tell the difference in colour in the fascia and the frame. This means if you want to go that level of clean it is best to clean the frame as well, which is not a normal maintenance procedure.

Should you need air conditioner maintenance service or air conditioner repair service in Milton Keynes +20 mile radius, feel free to call me on 078 63 63 1791.

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Air conditioner service photos

Fujitsu training classroom in Elstree, Hertfordshire.


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