Commercial fridge and air conditioning repair service

Hi, my name is Arthur. I’m involved in the refrigeration industry since September 2000. In 2010 I parted with my ex and took a flight to Stansted followed by National Express coach to Milton Keynes to visit a friend of mine. The plan was to have a few drinks and some fun to get my head off the break-up but unexpectedly I met my future wife and I knocked her up. Currently, I have two kids with her and this is the end of fun for me. I’m now your local refrigeration equipment expert in the Milton Keynes area but my buddy is even more miserable than I am. The lesson in my story is that an engineer should not mess around with women unless he fully understands what do women actually want.


Commercial fridge and freezer repair service in Milton Keynes

I will come down to your business to fix your commercial multideck refrigerator, refrigerated display, upright and counter freezer, cold store, bottle cooler, pizza fridge, blast chiller, multideck display, chest freezer, ice maker or any other commercial cooling appliance.


Fridge-freezer repair service Milton Keynes

I will fault find and fix your domestic fridge freezer, side by side fridge freezer and french door fridge freezer

Air conditioner repair service in Milton Keynes

I provide breakdown and maintenance service for all air conditioning brands: Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries etc.


Vehicle air conditioner repair

I will come to your home or place of work to gas up your vehicle air conditioning system.


Heavy plant air conditioner repair

I will come to your farm or construction site to refill your farm vehicle and construction plant air conditioning system.


Coldroom repair service in Milton Keynes

I provide preventative maintenance service and reactive repair service to walk-in and drive-in cold rooms.


Offshore refrigeration equipment service

I will service your yacht refrigeration equipment.


Electric circuit repair service

I will attempt to repair your equipment control circuits and electronic components.


Process cooler repair service in Milton Keynes

I will fault find and fix your process chillers for CNCs, lathes, saws or what have you.


Other appliance repair service

I will attempt to fault find and fix your commercial dough mixer, espresso machine, hot display, Bain Marie, dishwasher and other commercial appliances. I don't easily take a no for an answer.

Buy new commercial fridge or freezer

I'm a local dealer of commercial refrigeration equipment. I'm connected with UK based importers and manufacturers of light commercial refrigeration equipment. I will find brand new warranted refrigeration equipment for your business at the best price in the UK.


Ventilation equipment repair service

Ventilation equipment is not quite the field of my expertise but if you cannot find anyone I will come and have a look at your problem as I have seen and worked on some vent plants in the past.


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Buy portable air conditioner

The Carrier 51QPD is a fashionably slim design with remote control and a 'follow me' function. There is no need to empty a condensate tray either as the auto condensation vaporisation in AC mode takes care of the waste water! You can achieve good air distribution for every room with the adjustable air outlet louvre. The castors and side-carry handles make it easy to move. Intelligent on/off technology enables the unit to automatically enter energy-saving mode when in standby mode.

How to contact me?

You can call me on 078 63 63 17 91,

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